The fair Solar Solutions Int. takes place from March 22nd to 23rd. It is located in the Haarlemmermeer Expo in Heerhugoward, Netherlands. And our team at EcotecWorld Netherlands is presenting our innovative photovoltaic products.

Solar Solutions Int. has developed into the largest commercial platform for solar energy in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2016 4824 professionals visited Solar Solutions International, an increase of 25%.

Largest overview of products and services in the Benelux

Solar Solutions Int. is the leading solar energy business platform in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Solar Solutions Int. facilitates and creates sales and trade opportunities at the end of the solar supply chain.

PV – Thermal – Heat – Storage

The solar sector moves quickly in the direction of autarkic buildings and self-sufficient habitats. In the next edition of Solar Solutions Int. there will be a focus on PV systems, storage systems, home automation, smart energy solutions, micro grids and heating.

With more than 120 exhibitors originating from 13 different countries, Solar Solutions Int. is the largest trade fair for solar energy in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Exhibiting at Solar Solutions Int. means face-to-face contacts with a specifically interested audience with high purchasing power. Generating leads, making business deals, maintaining customer relations, networking with your colleagues; Solar Solutions Int. is the solar professional meeting hub at the start of the season. As an integral part of your sales & marketing strategy, Solar Solutions Int. will help you to generate dozens of high quality leads.

From the exhibitor survey:

93% of exhibitors have met or exceeded their exhibition targets
88% of exhibitors was positive about the quality of the audience
94% of the exhibitors was pleased by the visitor numbers

Solar Solutions Int.; exhibitors

Solar Solutions Int. is the main platform for manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of PV-panels, solar thermal systems, cabling & mounting systems, monitoring systems, storage solutions, tools and other products and services related to solar energy. Next to more conventional and main stream solar products, we also have other innovative and sustainable solar solutions on display. The exhibition programme is focused on commercially applicable end products.
Photo: Solar Solutions Int.