Planer competence and the market situation in the PV-sector have developed strongly in Germany. At the same time emerging economies have long been ahead of the industrialization in the expansion of green energy. It is no wonder that the know-how created here is turning to these markets.

With offices in Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, China and Hong Kong, EcotecWorld is the parade-example of a global player. The company specializes in the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for energy production and saving in the areas of LED and solar. Through sales partnerships with Asian module manufacturers and a joint venture with Sunics Solar GmbH, financing, installation, operation and monitoring are covered by the planning of PV areas.

After many large-scale freestanding projects in Germany, a noticeable shift in projects began abroad from 2012: „The new main markets in Europe are now located mainly in Turkey and the Netherlands; International in particular South Africa and the Far East with Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines“, explains Achim Kip, CTO / technical manager at EcotecWorld, the situation. In the Netherlands in particular, the experience in German planning offices, which have great projects, can be used. Achim Kip speaks of a „virgin“ situation in which clients are approached with great respect for large projects.

But the will to become „greener“ has clearly developed over the years; A global precedent has recently been created with a court ruling: the Dutch government lost its environmental protection organization Urgenda in June 2015, which had filed a collective action because the government’s measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions were not sufficient. The court gave the prosecution and ordered that by 2020 at least 25% be saved.

These developments give the Dutch PV market an upswing. EcotecWorld has received the order for the first large open space in the Groningen region thanks to its strong contact networks and partners in the Netherlands. The building permit for three open spaces with 2.45, 4.66 and 4.41 hectare in the industrial area Winschoten was issued in July 2015. Next, the application for state funding is available.

Achim Kip supports the entire process by planning in „DDS-CAD“ Elektro und PV: „Thanks to the good visualization, the town council has also agreed quickly. In order to be able to present high-quality plant documentation in this early phase, I always start directly with the first plant drawings in ‘DDS-CAD’. For the building permit I can then easily record uncomplicated external image files in the Plotlayout and thus the plant and the terrain explain. Pictures simply say more than a thousand words. This trust-building function is not to be underestimated – especially for hesitant clients who are not yet accustomed to the dimensions of large-scale projects. ”

For roof systems, 3-D modeling also plays an important role

In addition to the module layout and inverter assignment, Kip can plan the entire electrical installation of the system with generators, cabling and the necessary lightning protection equipment with „DDS-CAD“: „The dimensioning works very flexibly, changes are quickly taken into account and above all, Schemes and Stringplan. ”
While European projects are often somewhat shy, Kip’s trends are more consistent throughout the world. „The projects are very clear in the direction of self-sufficiency: PV systems, also in the industrial sector, and energy storage systems ESS are increasingly in demand here.“

Rebekka Bude
Data Design System GmbH