Regardless of the size of the lighting project, an intelligent light controlling system should be used.

There are many different aims for light control:

  • Energy savings, increasing environmental awareness, and the reduction of CO2
  • Cost savings by lower energy consumption
  • Improved efficiency and comfort by presence detection and automatic adjustment of the necessary artificial light depending on the available daylight
  • Improved building aesthetics by unobtrusive mini-sensors  integrable in the lamps
  • Possibilities to adjust different lighting scenarios for a great variety of applications
  • Reduction of the CO2 emission according to building regulations

MK develops and produces a wide  range of lighting controls and  lighting systems.

At the beginning of the planning you  will be advised by experienced engineers,  appointments on site will be made, and the arrangement of the components will be  developed jointly.

In practice you will experience how easily and efficiently the MK-products work by the standard factory settings. The lighting control already works from the first switch on. Custom settings can be performed easily and independently by you.

Innovative design, quality responsibility and operational safety of our products have contributed to our growth since the introduction of our products in the 1980‘s, and have allowed us to become one of the leading manufacturers of light management in Europe.