Services In Shanghai, EcotecWorld employs an international team of qualified PV-experts, who closely  cooperate with a number of leading Asian module manufacturers, and at the same time provide quality controls and professional services.

Suppliers audit

We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer. Our customers receive an optimal solution  tailored to their specific needs, as we work independently from  the manufacturer. For our clients this means that they  can choose between modules from  various selected manufacturers in Asia. These are  personally known to us and tested for their suitability, quality, and reliability.
In addition we offer our clients price negotiations and quality controls with manufacturers of their choice

Price negotiations

Because of our close  and long-standing contacts  with the module manufacturers in Asia we  are able to offer our customers the  best quality-price-ratio.

By our quality controls before, during, and after the final production we ensure that our products are  manufactured with the  agreed quality and according to international standards.

EcotecWorld  conducts quality controls on the factory premises in accordance with the IEC 61215 standard, checks the internal reports,  as well as all documents related to the production. These controls are carried out by our qualified team of experts present on site throughout the production procedure. Upon completion of the inspection, EcotecWorld provides an extensive inspection report containing detailed information, verified with digital pictures.


Factory visits

  • Supplier audit
  • Storage, raw material, and working environmental conditions

Production supervision

  • Tabbing and stringing
  • Layering
  • Lamination and solidification
  • Framing and edge sealing
  • Electrical sockets
  • Module labelling
  • Internal quality control system/report

Checking of products – internal

  • Infrared imaging
  • Electroluminescence imaging
  • Power control

Checking of products – external

  • Electrical and mechanical tests
  • Destructive tests

Final acceptance

  • Flash tests

We make sure that our suppliers produce and deliver within the agreed deadline.


We arrange that the modules are packed and ensured properly to prevent any damages during transport and storage.


We ensure a proper loading process.


We ensure that the shipment is carried out exclusively by well-known shipping companies from Asian main ports to North Sea ports.

Customs clearance

We take care of clearing the goods for import.

We plan and  design state-of-the-art photovoltaic power plants with our own engineering capacity. .t.  The construction is carried out by specialized companies that we have been  cooperating withfor years.